Tom Howard

Current featured talk:

Its 2019, where the f*ck is our peer-to-peer electronic cash system?

Tom is passionate about decentralization of society, money, and technology and very active in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as a founder, investor, advisor, and speaker.

Having traveled to and spoken at conferences on 4 continents, Tom has deep experience and insights with investors, startups, corporates and the everyday crypto user, across many borders and cultures, and can speak on topics such as:

  • Crypto investing and markets

  • Tokenomics and token structures

  • Why decentralization is important

  • How to get mass market adoption

  • Stablecoins and why we need (some of) them

Selected past speaking engagements

  • Feb 2019, Tokenomx in Bangkok

  • Dec 2018, UCIM in Singapore

  • Nov 2018, Digital Media Asia in Hong Kong

  • Oct 2018, SF Blockchain Week in San Francisco

  • Sept 2018, Singapore Blockchain Week in Singapore

  • July 2018, Hybrid Summit in Bangkok

  • June 2018, Build The Future in Australia

  • May 2018, Consensys Week in NYC

  • April 2018, Tokenomx in Thailand

  • March 2018, Vietnam Blockhain Week in Vietnam

Speaking Engagements

To engage Tom as a speaker, please email [email protected] with details